Community Groups

Life is Better Together
Let's do life together!  Life is too hard to do all by ourselves. Relationships. Family. Careers. Faith.  They all bring a mix of emotions and questions. Belonging to a Community Group can provide support ,encouragement, and can even challenge you to get to know God better.  At Lakeside, we believe that being in community with one another is vital and we encourage all who attend here to join one of the many groups.  So let's do life together...we weren't created to be alone!

Community Groups are formed twice a year at an event called Grouplink, held in January and August. Click here to register for the next Grouplink.

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Welcome to a place where you will be equipped, strengthened and encouraged as you journey through life.  Here at Lakeside we offer a variety of opportunities to help you seek God, study His Word and serve Him with your whole heart.

Women's Elective Classes
Electives are offered at different times throughout the year where women can study the Bible and build relationships at the same time. Check out our event page for information about upcoming classes and register online. Questions?


We are imperfect men helping other imperfect men connect, build friendships, feel welcomed and experience community. We offer several options for men of all ages and different interests.

Men's Elective Classes 
Electives are offered at different times throughout the year where men can study the Bible and build relationships at the same time. Check out our event page for information about upcoming classes and register online. Questions?

Men's Roundtable - Thursdays, 6:30-7:30am, Student Center | Lakeside Park Campus
All men are welcome to this informal, weekly, one hour time of discussion on various but relevant topics. A light breakfast is served and we promise to end on time. Questions?

Adult Bible Fellowship

The following Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes meet at the Lakeside Park Campus on Sunday mornings. Class times and room numbers are specified below. Questions?


9:30am Adult Classes:

  • Bridge Builders: Room 404, (singles or married couples in their 60's)
  • Redeeming Love: Room 405 (50's)
  • Seekers: Room 406 (60+)
  • Truth Seekers: Room 402 (40's)


11:00am Adult Classes:

  • New Dimensions: Room 402 (65+)
  • Pathways: Room 404 (40's - 60's)
  • Transitions: Room 405 (early 20's)