1980 N. Bend Rd. , Hebron, KY, Hebron, KY US 41048

Weekly Inside Gathering: Sunday at 9am and 11am at the Hebron Campus

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park

195 Buttermilk Pike, Lakeside Park, KY US 41017

Weekly Inside Gathering: Sunday at 9am and 11am at the Lakeside Park Campus. Outside Services only for October, Thursdays at 6pm



Weekly Service Times: Sundays at 9:30 & 11AM

Taylor Mill

Taylor Mill

5300 Taylor Mill Rd, Taylor Mill, KY US 41015

Weekly Inside Gathering: Sunday at 9am and 11am at the Lakeside Park Campus

Serve Your World

Mission Trips 

Here at Lakeside, in addition to supporting our mission partners through prayer and regular giving, we send teams to provide encouragement and assist in accomplishing their goal to make disciples. More than a vacation or a mere cross-cultural experience, these trips challenge us to grow as much as they give us the opportunity to bless our partners around the world.
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    Honduras | June 13-20, 2020

    Dates:  6/13/20 - 6/20/20
    Deadline to sign up - 3/15/20
    Destination: Puerto Cortes, Honduras
    Purpose:  Construct a new church building; VBS for surrounding communities; provide medical supplies for the local clinic
    Cost of Trip:  $1850
    Deposit:  $150
    Schedule for payments:
    $150 due at registration
    3/29 - $575
    4/26 - $575
    5/24 - $550
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    Kenya | Fall 2020

    Our next trip to Kenya in partnership with Missions of Hope International (MOHI) will be in the fall of 2020. Check back for updates and information about registration.

Mission Partners

Jesus instructed his followers to "go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:19-20). 

Below you will find information on our supported missions. Please pray for the missionaries and the following organizations. If you would like to be involved with Lakeside's Missions Committee or would like more information on any of Lakeside's missions, please contact your campus pastor:

Hebron Campus:

Lakeside Park Campus Admin:

Taylor Mill Campus:

U.S Partners


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    Younglife Capernaum

    Northern KY | Eric Northrup |younglife.org/ForEveryKid/Capernaum
    Younglife Capernaum is a relational ministry that reaches out to students with disabilities in the hopes of sharing the amazing love of Jesus Christ. We believe our friends with disabilities have immense value in the community and in the Church. Part of Capernaum's goal  is to bridge the gap between our friends with disabilities and society. We have seen that as people experience Capernaum and all that God is doing in this community, they are blessed. Come and See!

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    Woodland Lakes Christian Camp

    Amelia, OH | woodlandlakes.com
    Woodland Lakes is committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment where campers can grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically while enjoying God’s creation. Campers are provided the opportunity to better understand themselves, their relationship to God, and the people in their lives so they can apply their faith in everyday life. 

    Every year, Lakeside provides scholarships to any child from Lakeside interested in attending summer camp at Woodland Lakes. Follow Woodland Lakes Christian Camp on Facebook.

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    Verve Church

    Las Vegas, NV | vivalaverve.org
    Verve church is for people who don't like church.  It is a non-denomination Christian Church located near the Las Vegas Strip.  Why Las Vegas?  Between 5% and 9% of the people in Las Vegas go to Church.  The pastors believe that there are lot of people who are looking for God and seeking a spiritual dimension to life, but just don't want to go to church to find it.  Pastor Vincent Antonucci says, "we have atheists, girls from the strip clubs, gang members, drug dealers, and pimps.  They just hear these radical stories of people finding a new and better life, and that's kind of the appeal." 

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    Power Ministries

    Throughout a multi-state area and two foreign countries, Power Ministries, along with a multitude of volunteers, reaches out to teens and adults with disabilities and their families. “Handi-Camp”, implemented through Christian Camp partners in several states, is the Ministry’s longest-standing program, along with a Disabilities Awareness Education program and the College Internship program. “HIS Time” is a monthly program offered through a growing number of churches -- all of these programs having maintained a Christ-centered focus for more than 30 years.


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    Christian Student Fellowship at University of Kentucky

    Greg Schutte 

    CSF is a non-denominational campus ministry on UK’s campus. CSF isn’t a place. CSF isn’t a program. CSF is everywhere on campus- although we do have a building where we sometimes hang out. It’s a million different places and a million different people. It’s downtown serving the homeless. Climbing at the Johnson Center. A conversation about Jesus ’til 2am. It’s wherever people are interacting with each other and with God.

Global Partners


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    As He Is USA


    Mashoko Hospital | Dr. Bungu 

    As He Is USA exists to support As He Is Zimbabwe in preaching the Gospel to those who seek treatment of physical ailments at its Christian Hospitals and Clinics. They seek to provide the best health care possible to those who enter our doors so that in the end, they see Jesus' compassion in us and praise God. They follow up with patients who have repented during their hospital visit and try to connect them with a nearby church or start one in their home. Another aspect of their ministry is AIDS home based care where they extend Christ's compassion, provide basic needs, and share the Gospel.

    Zimbabwe Church Development Ministries | Stephen Chikwate 

    Stephen sponsors the Preachers Club at the Mashoko High School in Zimbabwe, celebrating 35 graduates this past year.  Stephen works with these young men to be evangelists in their communities and to continue to spread the word. Stephen works with several churches establishing their leadership and ordaining their elders and deacons.



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    Beacon House

    Ghana | Patrick and Heather Clinebhusa.org
    Beacon House has a home in Accra, Ghana for orphaned and vulnerable children where they live in a family atmosphere that meets their physical, social, educational, and emotional needs. Many of these children have disabilities or life threatening illnesses. Beacon House also provides educational opportunities to 'at risk' children throughout Ghana and work opportunities to single mothers and their families through special projects, scholarship sponsoring and trade training. Follow Beacon House on Facebook or on their blog.

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    Christian Arabic Service

    Egypt | Safaa & Mona Fahmi
    This ministry is focused on the reestablishment and growth of the Christian Church in Muslim Egypt. The areas of focus include constructing an education building in Cairo, providing education programs for leaders and teachers from Egypt and the six other Arabic countries, providing women's ministries for Christian women in Muslim countries, providing teachers and reading materials to illiterate villagers, reestablishing churches in rural areas of Greater Cairo, and translating Christian materials into modern Arabic.

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    Christian Missionary Fellowship

    Kenya | Joe & Kim Cluffcmfi.org
    The members of CMF’s Kenya Catalyst team (KCAT) work in partnership with Community Christian Church (CCC), the indigenous church planted and discipled by CMF missionaries among the Turkana and Maasai since 1977. CCC now numbers more than 10,000 believers in more than 160 congregations spread over seven counties across Kenya. KCAT envisions a Christ-centered church led by spiritually mature national disciples, actively crossing barriers from faith to non-faith. With this in mind, KCAT partners with CCC in ways such as the following: leadership training, literacy and ESL, water projects and community gardening, aquaponics, materials production and curriculum development, community health evangelism training, church building construction, child sponsorship, and medical clinics.

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    Christian Mission of South India

    India | V. Bennicmsiindia.org
    V. Benni’s mission is church planting and baptism. He works with a group of evangelists to minister to the poor rural region of Southeastern India. His group has planted 43 churches. The people are considered as poor and belong to the low caste and are considered uncivilized by many.  But by the grace of God, V. Benni and his team have been able to serve them by building churches, community centers and supporting them with programs from IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services) and other international relief organizations.    

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    Disciple Makers, Nepal Training Center

    Disciple Makers is dedicated to reaching the unreached of Nepal with the Good News of Jesus Christ. This has primarily taken place through training Christian leaders at the Himalayan Training Center (Kathmandu) as well as the 7 satellite training centers throughout the country. Disciple Makers has trained over 600 Christian leaders to plant approximately 900 churches throughout Nepal and the Himalayan region. In the last 18 years they have seen a harvest of 19,000 baptized believers come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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    Herko Family Mission

    Jamaica | Dennis & Mary Herkoherkomission.org
    This ministry is focused on Church Planting and developing a Christian community in Old Harbor, Jamaica. The areas of focus are: constructing a church building and hire Jamaican / Caribbean Minister and staff, constructing and operate a preschool/kindergarten for all village children regardless of family income, constructing “Houses of Mercy” for poor villagers (these houses are survivable in a hurricane and termite proof), sponsor Christian Leadership Conferences in Old Harbour, and sponsor “Women’s Events” to assist women in Old Harbour become economical and self-supporting. Follow Herko Family Mission on Facebook.

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    Master Provisions

    Niger & Ukrainemasterprovisions.org
    Master Provisions combines evangelism with delivery of clothing, orphan care, medical care, farming aid, food and other assistance in economically distressed situations in the U.S. and around the world. In Niger, Lakeside is helping support the poultry and agriculture farm, and in the Ukraine, Lakeside is helping facilitate the move of children from state-run orphanages into loving Christian homes.    

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    Mission of Hope International (MOHI)

    Kenya | mohiafrica.org
    Missions of Hope International, in Kenya, ministers to the whole person, meeting needs that are physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. MOHI's varied ministries are not completed by individuals or departments working in isolation. Rather, all aspects of MOHI's work are interconnected and interrelated to best serve children and families and actively demonstrate Christ's love.

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    Northwest Haiti Christian Mission

    LaComa, Haitinwhcm.org
    Their mission is to serve the people of the Northwest region of Haiti by partnering with churches to bring the people in this region out of spiritual, physical and social poverty. This is done through a diverse collection of programs that include primary schools, feeding projects, orphanages, medical clinics, church planting, a Bible college, and agricultural development. Lakeside supports the village of LaComa and sends a group of students and adult volunteers each year. Follow Northwest Haiti Christian Mission on Facebook.

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    NiƱos de Mexico

    Mexico Cityninosdemexico.org
    Niños provides a home and bilingual education for abused and abandoned children from 3 years old to college age. Trade or College education is provided for the students who desire this.  The mission also works to establish additional churches and medical missions in mountain villages outside of Mexico city. A new church in Texcoco is currently being established. Follow Niños de Mexico on Facebook.

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    Open Door Mission

    Pastor Roy Malpas and his wife Evelyn are always looking for ways to help others. They feed many hungry children and take care of countless widows and orphans. They hold school to educate children and have many church services.

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    Polish Christian Ministries

    Polish Christian Ministries exists to encourage and coordinate the planting of New Testament churches in Poland.  We assist Polish Christians in becoming healthy, growing, self-supporting, and reproducing congregations.

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    Rapha House

    Cambodia | Jenny Snyder | rahpahouse.org
    Rapha House is an aftercare shelter for girls under 18 who have experienced abuse from sex trafficking and/or sexual exploitation. Services to them include:  Basic daily needs, Christian based counseling, Social work to help their families prepare for the girls to eventually return to their families and community, Education, Vocational training and sharing the gospel.

    The purpose of  these services is to see the girls able to return back to life in their own community with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Also, we hope to see them be able to pursue a safe future either by completing school and pursuing a career, or by choosing a vocation that can sustain a good income for them into the future. 

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    Prishtina High School

    Prishtina High School equips students to be responsible citizens and active learners by providing a university preparatory education in a safe, caring, and diverse academic community. Their vision is to provide the best American-style education possible in Kosovo in order for active learners to reach high academic standards that prepare them for a university of their choice. To accomplish this, they do the following: provide students with resources they need to develop appropriate grade-level skills, understanding and performance in all academic areas; provide parents with multiple ways to examine and discuss the academic and social progress of their children; provide teachers with professional training and resources they need for exemplary teaching; provide opportunities for our school to interact with the larger community of Kosovo (other schools, community leaders, businesses and social organizations), so that our students participate in a more comprehensive education; provide a pleasant, caring, stimulating environment for students to achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical and moral development so that they can make their best contribution to society. Follow Prishtina High School on Facebook.

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    Strategic World Evangelism

    India | Leonard Thompsonsubhavaarthatv.com
    Leonard is a professor at Lakeview Christian College in Chennai, a fill-in minister for many churches, and a teacher of the Word over various television channels in several languages.  Leonard prepares written study guides to go along with his three weekly broadcasts. 

    You can watch the English-Hindi broadcast LIVE on Shubhsandesh TV every Friday at 7pm Indian time (8.30am EST) on Friday. There is a synopsis available on the broadcast Facebook page, DIVINE CONNECTION INDIA. You can watch THE DIVINE CONNECTION TV Broadcast on Sunday at 9:30am (EST) on subhavaarthatv.com. Follow Strategic World Evangelism on Facebook.