Boone County

Boone County

1980 N. Bend Rd. , Hebron, KY, Hebron, KY US 41048

Weekly Outside Gathering: Sunday at 10am at the Lakeside Park Campus

Kenton County

Kenton County

195 Buttermilk Pike, Lakeside Park, KY US 41017

Weekly Outside Gathering: Sunday at 10am.



Weekly Service Times: Sundays at 9:30 & 11AM

Taylor Mill

Taylor Mill

5300 Taylor Mill Rd, Taylor Mill, KY US 41015

Weekly Outside Gathering: Sunday at 10am at Lakeside Park Campus

Meet the Team

  • Jamie Snyder

    Lead Pastor
    Jamie Snyder

    To contact Jamie Snyder, please email his assistant, Greta Manolis. 

    • 859.341.1160 x115
  • Abbi Armbruster

    Children's Ministry Director, Hebron
    Abbi Armbruster
    • 859.341.1160 X133
  • Sarah Ball

    Children's Ministry Director, Lakeside Park/Taylor Mill
    Sarah Ball
  • Roger Bishop

    Student Ministry Director, Lakeside Park/Taylor Mill
    Roger Bishop
  • Aaron Buchanan

    Discipleship Pastor
    Aaron Buchanan
    • 859.341.1160 x342
  • Josh Fields

    Facilities Associate
    Josh  Fields
  • Hannah Gobin

    Children's Ministry Associate, Lakeside Park/Taylor Mill
    Hannah Gobin
  • Lisa Hughes

    Administrative Assistant, Lakeside Park
    Lisa Hughes
    • 859.341.1160 x108
  • Holly Laible

    Administrative Assistant, Taylor Mill/Lakeside Park
    Holly  Laible
    • 859.341.1160 x773
  • Greta Manolis

    Administrative Assistant, Hebron/Executive Team
    Greta Manolis
  • Carla McCann

    Accounting Manager
    Carla McCann
    • 859.341.1160 x497
  • Zac Manor

    Communications Pastor
    Zac Manor
  • Dan Murphy

    Technical Director
    Dan Murphy
    • 859.341.1160 x344
  • Robin Poland

    Operations Director
    Robin Poland
    • 859.341.1160 x140
  • Dave Rahn

    Creative Director
    Dave Rahn
    • 859.341.1160 x121
  • Austin Rath

    Worship Minister, Taylor Mill
    Austin Rath
    • 859.341.1160 x498
  • Melissa Rowe

    Children's Ministry Director, Lakeside Park
    Melissa Rowe
    • 859.341.1160 x115
  • Lisa Schell

    Next Gen Administrative Assistant, Lakeside Park
    Lisa Schell
    • 859.341.1160 x149
  • Joel Simpson

    Student Minister, Hebron
    Joel Simpson
    • 859.341.1160 x141
  • Shamus Staubach

    Campus Pastor, Taylor Mill/Lakeside Park
    Shamus Staubach
    • 859.341.1160 x107
  • Mark Sullivan

    Campus Pastor, Hebron
    Mark Sullivan
    • 859.341.1160 x144
  • Matt Sweasy

    Worship Minister, Lakeside Park/Taylor Mill
    Matt Sweasy
    • 859.341.1160 x146
  • Frances Wannike

    Facilities Associate
    Frances Wannike
    • 859.341.1160 x105
  • Mark Wannike

    Facilities Lead
    Mark Wannike
    • 859.341.1160 x120
  • Matt Westwood

    Facilities Manager
    Matt Westwood
    • 859.341.1160 x142
  • Travis Whalen

    Executive Pastor
    Travis Whalen
    • 859.341.1160 x499
  • Shane White

    Worship Minister, Hebron
    Shane White

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